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no, you were the reason
I kept my light on late into the night
turning all those pages, searching for you everywhere.
from “Searching” by Billy Collins (via thelifeguardlibrarian)


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Literature is invention. Fiction is fiction. To call a story a true story is an insult to both art and truth. Every great writer is a great deceiver.

Vladimir Nabokov (April 22, 1899–July 2, 1977) in Lectures on Literature

Song: “Sweet Deception” by Laura Gibson

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Ed Mell:  Crosscut Storm, 22x28 oil

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John Van Hammersveld, poster design for Jimi Hendrix Experience, Soft Machine, Electric Flag, Blue Cheer at Shrine Auditorium, 1968. LA © John Van Hammersveld. Via poulwebb

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Go backstage of “Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love”! Watch the exhibition come together as members of the Museum’s Costume and Textiles staff dress mannequins in Kelly’s joyful designs in the Joan Spain Gallery of the Perelman Building.

Woman’s Ensemble: Dress, Hat, and Shoes, Fall/Winter 1987, designed by Patrick Kelly (Promised gift of Bjorn Guil Amelan and Bill T. Jones)

Woman’s Ensemble: Dress, Pins, and Scarf, Fall/Winter 1988, designed by Patrick Kelly (Promised gift of Bjorn Guil Amelan and Bill T. Jones)

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T’ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do — Ernestine Anderson

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Isn’t that a beautiful cowl captured at sunset on the beach? I adore taking pictures at sunset on the ocean. It is just gorgeous. You really only have about 10 minutes, maybe 10 minutes, when you get this perfect, perfect light we call magic light. But it’s the best 10 minutes of the whole shoot.

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When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people.
Abraham Joshua Heschel (via infinite-paradox)

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Le chat de Jean Cocteau

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This Girl - Cookin On 3 Burners