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Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

Columbia, 1970 (This is a later 70’s repress)

Cover Art by Mati Klarwein

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Peggy Lee - Love Me Or Leave Me

Black Coffee (1956)

Personnel: Peggy Lee - vocals; Pete Candoli - trumpet; Jimmy Rowles - piano; Max Wayne - bass; Ed Shaughnessy - drums

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Florence at night - Marek Langowski (polish impressionist)

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“They tried everything to make me stop being gay.” 

This is Xiao Zhen’s powerful story of what too many gay people endure in China, at the hands of doctors who attempt to ‘cure’ them of who they are and who they love. He survived a gay ‘cure’ clinic and now he wants everyone in the world to know that being gay is normal.

Watch (press CC for subtitles!) and if you want to stop this from happening to anyone else, add your name:

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Ji Hye Park in Creature of the Windphotographed by Benjamin Vnuk for BON F/W 2013

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And so,
this is how you shall remain:
a forever sadness,
capsizing in me
like a song falling
from a flute
still caught in the wind